Monkeypox Scare May Have Been Caused by Bed Bugs

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Monkeypox? On an airplane? Sounds like the beginning of a really bad SyFy original movie. Had the rash been on someone like Eric Roberts or Carmen Electra, this whole thing would have been insanely hilarious. Then again, all of that stuff is kind of funny until it happens in the real world.

Such is the case with Delta Airlines Flight 3163. Fearing that someone had actually contracted the disease, officials kept passengers on the plane for two hours while individuals wearing HazMat suits investigated the symptoms. Since very little information was given to those who were trapped in such close proximity to the mysterious rash, speculation as to what, precisely, was causing the problem led to all sorts of theories. That's when the term "monkeypox" started getting tossed around.

Turns out, the rash could have been bed bugs.

"It's just a case of bed bugs," 50 year-old Lise Sievers told ABC News.

Sievers was on her way back home from Africa when she noticed the rash. Considering the recent outbreak of monkeypox in the region, concerns were running extremely high that someone was brining it to the US. The Center for Disease Control was alerted to issue, giving officials enough time to prepare for the ensuing investigation. After properly reviewing the case, it was determined that nothing outrageously serious was taking place.

Passengers, as you can imagine, were understandably freaked out, particularly since officials were tight-lipped about the situation. However, after two hours of patiently waiting to see how the scenario unfolded, they were allowed to leave the plane and return to their monkeypox-free lives.

"I think I'm going to empty a jar of bed bugs on my mom's bed tonight," Sievers joked.

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