Monica Jordan: Statements Released Mourning Loss Of Darryl Hamilton

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Monica Jordan was found dead on Sunday, Father's day, along with her boyfriend, former Mets player and commentator for the MLB Network, Darryl Hamilton.

According to police, it appeared Hamilton had been shot several times just inside the front door and Monica Jordan died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in another part of the house.

Police also said that Monica Jordan and Darryl Hamilton's 13-month-old son was also found in the home, unharmed. Their son was turned over to Child Protective Services. reported, "A friend of Jordan’s told that she was 'very quiet' which made the whole ordeal 'so shocking.' That friend also said that, at the time of her death, Jordan wasn’t working."

While the details of what caused Monica Jordan to kill Hamilton and herself remain sparse, statements were released expressing sorrow for the passing of Darryl Hamilton.

Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred released a statement Monday that read, "All of us at Major League Baseball are shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Darryl followed a successful 13-year career on the field by assembling a multifaceted career in our game, working for MLB Advanced Media and in our Baseball Operations Department before moving on to MLB Network."

He added, "He was a talented and personable individual, and we were proud to call him a member of the Baseball Family. On behalf of Major League Baseball, I extend my deepest sympathies to Darryl's family and his many friends throughout our game."

The Houston Astros also released a statement, saying, "The Astros are saddened by the tragic loss of Darryl Hamilton. In addition to his fine, 13-year career as a Major League player and talented MLB Network analyst, Darryl was also a friend of the Astros organization, strongly supporting our youth baseball outreach efforts."

The statement continued, "Darryl made appearances at the Astros Urban Youth Academy and was a friend to our staff there. The Astros extend our deepest sympathies to Darryl’s family and many friends throughout the game of baseball and beyond."

What do you think could have led Monica Jordan to take such extreme measures?

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