Monica Bellucci On Why "Bond Lady" is Good Match for James Bond

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Monica Bellucci plays one of the Bond girls in the latest in the James Bond films--Spectre. Since production wrapped, she has openly said she prefers being called a "Bond lady" over a "Bond girl." In a recent interview with People magazine, Monica Bellucci--who is the oldest to ever step into the role in the history of James Bond films--talks about why she is a good match for Spectre's James Bond, played by Daniel Craig.

"I had to play a Bond lady not a Bond girl because Lucia is a mature woman," Monica Bellucci explains. "[Even] though she doesn't have the beauty of her youth any more, she still has her femininity and that actually is her savior."

"It is very important that I am playing an adult woman for this role and, actually, Lucia [because] she is a widow with a secret. We need to see her sadness, her desperation and also her age," Bellucci adds.

Monica Bellucci actually doesn't believe that James Bond-type men exist, but she does admit to enjoying her time playing opposite Daniel Craig in Spectre.

"Daniel is such a gentleman on screen and off screen," she says. "Sometimes it is difficult to get intimate with somebody you don't know, but with him it was so easy. We have this scene where we were kissing and then fighting--it was like a tango."

Do you think this older "Bond lady" will go down in history as one of the best?

There's no doubt Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig are an intriguing pair.

You can check them--and the two additional Bond girls in this film--out when Spectre opens in theaters nationwide today.

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