Molly Shannon Almost Quit Acting

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Molly Shannon, America's favorite cheerleader, wasn't always super confident in her humor and wit.

The funny girl, just like most other actors, had to endure some very trying times while scraping her way to the top.

Molly Shannon told a story recently about what seemed like her worst audition ever.

Molly Shannon was already understandably stressed when she ran into a woman in the hallway that clearly needed to be slapped.

"I bumped into a girl before the audition, and she was like, 'Oh my God. It's so nice to see you! Have you gained, like, 100 pounds?' " Shannon said.

She added, "And I was like, OK, that is so mean."

Who would say that to Molly Shannon?! I mean, come on!

Molly Shannon did not reveal whether or not she stuck her fingers into her pits and sniffed them. You know, for when she gets nervous sometimes.

Well, those days were over long ago for Molly Shannon.

She has gone from Superstar to superstar since her early days on SNL.

In fact, Molly Shannon just got one of her movies picked up at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

In the movie, called Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Molly Shannon plays the dying girl's mother.

A boozy, stumbling, rambling, mother of a girl that is dying.

The movie follows Greg, a high schooler who starts his senior year with lots of promise but no substantial friendships.

That is, until he meets Earl and then is forced into a pity date with a girl, Rachel, who is suffering from Leukemia.

Molly Shannon really seems to be the icing on the awesome cake as Rachel's over-sharing mother, according to Sundance reviews.

I can picture Molly Shannon nailing that role. Can't you?

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