Modern Warfare Blackout Group Calls For DLC Boycott

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While the residual effects of the Modern Warfare 3 blackout seem to be minimal--that is, it did not cause Activision to relent and patch all the issues that were brought to light--that hasn't stopped the HC4M ELITE crew to abandon their position of taking Activision and Infinity Ward to task for their refusal to fix the myriad of problems that lead to the idea of the blackout.

Motivated by the standard response to their blackout request of, "Why would Activision care? They already have your money." The group has changed strategies. Instead of calling for another multiplayer blackout, the HC4M ELITE group is asking those who are not satisfied with the support MW3 receives to blackout any DLC releases by not buying them.

Of course, considering the negative reaction the $50 DLC pack received, it might be easier to achieve this goal than getting people to stop playing MW3 for a day. To facilitate their goals, the group has also started an online petition, which asks the same of those who choose to sign it:

This is a call of action to the Call of Duty Community to not purchase and download the DLC for Modern Warfare 3 . Join us and your fellow Call of Duty players and fans as we take a stand against Activision and Infinity Ward for their lack of support towards the community's needs and concerns.

We have been ignored repeatedly when asking for quality post release fixes to be implemented pertaining to:

Lag Compensation
The broken Spawn System

There are currently 135 total signatures, which seems to indicate some players aren't as bothered by Activision's lack of support. Apparently, as long as they can log on and deathmatch themselves to a blissful Nirvana, nothing else matters, not even a shoddy matchmaking system that's long been criticized, even before the blackout gained popularity.

Is this something you'd consider participating in or can MW3 do no wrong in your eyes? Let us know what you think.

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