Model: Sandy Photo Shoot Was Not Disrespectful

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A Brazilian model who turned the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy into her own photo shoot is defending the pictures, saying they aren't disrespectful.

Nana Gouvea has garnered quite a bit of heat and attention for the photos and, as soon as they went viral, a selection of altered photos began showing up on the web as well which depicted Gouvea in sexy poses at other disaster sites, and even looking on casually as Bambi comes across his mother's body.

The original photos were posted on her Facebook page and drew immediate criticism from her followers, who called her out for being so blatantly disrespectful.

"Just goes to show you, stupid comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and walks of life. In this case, stupid is beautiful," wrote one commenter.

Gouvea insists she meant no harm in the photos, however, saying that a lot of other people were taking photos of the storm and its path of destruction. She also says she thinks the parody photos are "hilariously funny".

"What nonsense. Everyone can take photos of the destruction in New York, only I can't? Give me a break," she said.





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