Mitt Romney Goes Gangnam Style in This Parody

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South Korean rapper PSY's megahit Gangnam Style has permeated our culture and been infused with almost everything imaginable. We've seen Hitler Gangnam Style, Skyrim Gangnam Style, Gangnam Style meets Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Kim Jong style.

Hell, we've even seen Google's Eric Schmidt dancing with PSY himself.

But now, the fad has hit American politics.

No, it's not actually Mitt Romney doing Gangnam Style, but instead a clever parody that highlights some of Romney's less-attractive features in the eyes of voters.

Sure, it's a bit biased against Mittens - but hey, it's hump day and this is pretty funny. Here it is, Mitt Romney Style (via CollegeHumor) [NSFW language]

Of course, this comes to us on the day of the first Presidential debate, set to kick off at 9pm ET. This year, you can stream all of the debates live on YouTube as well as on your Xbox 360 via the new Elections Hub. The latter is even interactive, allowing viewers to answer poll questions throughout the duration.

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