Mitt Romney Campaigns For GOP Hopefuls In West Virginia

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Mitt Romney may have lost the general election two years ago, but lately the former governor has been making waves in the Republican Party. So far, his involvement is limited to helping some GOP hopefuls campaign, but some have speculated that he might be gearing up for another presidential bid.

In West Virginia, the Associated Press reported that Romney is scheduled to be on the campaign trail starting on August 19th for a fundraiser in Charleston. Senate candidate and congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito is looking to Romney for help in her race against West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie Tennant.

Tennant has not been shy about attacking Capito for claiming Romney as an ally. “The fact that Congresswoman Capito would align herself with someone who believes coal ‘kills people’ just to make a quick buck shows how quickly she will turn her back on West Virginia coal miners in favor of Wall Street dollars,” a spokeswoman for Capito said, referencing a stance Romney made as governor of Massachusetts.

Despite his anti-coal rhetoric back when he was governor, Romney carried all of West Virginia’s 55 counties in 2012. West Virginian republicans Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins are also looking to Romney for help in their congressional races.

Down in Florida, Romney endorsed Carlos Curbelo as a Republican nominee for congressman.

"I am proud to stand with Carlos Curbelo, a young conservative leader who will work hard to reform our government, balance the budget, and improve the quality of life for the people of Miami-Dade and Monroe counties," Romney said according to the Associated Press. "As an education reformer, Carlos puts students first. In Washington, he will put his community and our country first. I urge my friends in Florida's 26th Congressional District to vote for Carlos Curbelo."

Is Romney helping out fellow Republicans as a kindness or is he looking to make allies and stay relevant for 2016? Matt Lewis of the Telegraph said he may have a chance in an editorial. "He was often cast as a rich guy who led a charmed life," Lewis wrote, "but Americans like a comeback story, and what better way to reinvent oneself as a man of the people than to have lost at something, only to get up, brush yourself off, and try again."

A recent poll in New Hampshire showed Mitt Romney was very popular compared to the other GOP presidential hopefuls, at least in the Granite State.

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