Missing Teacher's Car Found With Body Inside


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A missing teacher in New Orleans may have finally been found, but it's not a happy ending.

Fox News reports that authorities in New Orleans have found the car belonging to missing teacher Terrilyn Monette. It was at the bottom of a bayou with a decomposing body inside. The body has not been identified yet though. Authorities are now determining whether or not body is indeed Monette or somebody else.

Monette had originally gone missing in March after hanging out with some friends at a New Orleans bar. Those friends left her at her car and she reportedly said that she was going to take a nap before driving home. She was last seen by a traffic camera making a turn in City Park.

The whole ordeal has been especially hard on Monette's family who have been flying back and forth between California and New Orleans since the disappearance. They feel that the police took too long in finding the car. Monette's mother - Toni Enclade - said that the bayou should have been one of the first places they checked when searching.

It's likely that the body inside the car belongs to Monette, but nobody will know for sure until an autopsy on Monday. The police who found the body said it was too decomposed to distinguish its sex. If it is the body, the police hope it brings the family some closure.