Missing Mango Mystery Revealed in Australia

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Everything is bigger in Australia.

On Sunday night in Bowen, a town on the eastern coast of Queensland, a mango went missing. But not just any mango. A seven ton, 33-foot tall, 26-foot wide mango.

The Big Mango has been a tourist attraction in Bowen for 12 years in Bowen, which calls itself the mango capital of Australia. The "Kensington Pride" mango monument cost $90,000 to build.

After it went missing on Sunday night, "Mango Gate" erupted on Twitter, most assuming the theft was a huge, but fairly brilliant, p.r. stunt. Bowen officials didn't even file a complaint, making residents question the disappearance even more.

Paul McLaughlin, tourism chaiman, told Sky News, "At the end of the day it's a bloody big mango and I'm sure someone will see it and we'll find it anyway."

Officials examining video footage saw what appeared to be a crane being used by the thieves around 2:00 in the morning.

But where does one hide a fruit that large?

On the official Facebook page of Bowen's Big Mango, humorous images and conspiracy theories began to surface.

Then on Monday, Nando's, a chain of chicken restaurants, posted a video of the big fruit burglary, admitting to lifting the giant landmark as a publicity stunt.

In confessing, Nando's promised to return it safely - but not before they followed through with big plans for it on Friday.

The Big Mango isn't the only gargantuan monument in the Queensland area of Australia. There is also the Big Cane Toad, The Big Frog, The Big Meat Pie, and The Big Rum Bottle, just to name a few.

Keep up with breaking news on The Big Mango on the official Facebook page.

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