Missing Florida Teens: Life Jackets Found in Georgia

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Missing Florida teens Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos disappeared off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, and have been the subject of an all-out search. Even though the Coast Guard officially suspended their search several days ago, private searchers and volunteers have scoured the area from Florida to the Carolinas by air sea, and on foot.

On Tuesday, a Sarasota, Florida helicopter company found two life jackets near a sandbar off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Investigators are now working to see if the life jackets are related to the missing Florida teens.

A video to show everyone out there of how the entire area looks from above and how tough the terrain is to get to. Considering that the life vest recovery was during low tide it was only accessible by air. (Note: We do NOT confirm that the life vests shown on the video are the correct ones and just have to wait for a statement by the SAR teams). As far as we know they have a K9 unit on its way to confirm!

Posted by Heli Aviation on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Because of the life jacket discovery, a group from Maine is en route to the Savannah coast with a dog search crew to help in the search for the missing Florida teens.

Families of Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos are no doubt praying and holding out hope that these boys have tried pulling a disappearing act of sorts. And while if that's the case, they'll surely we in a world of trouble, it would mean these missing Florida teens are alive.

Meanwhile the family has called off their fundraising efforts. They appealed to donors to help raise funds to hire pilots to search the area. Calling off fundraising doesn't mean they've given up the search. They simply feel they have raised enough money to support the search.

People all over the U.S. are praying for these missing Florida teens, and want nothing more than to hear they've been found alive.

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