Missing Border Collie Found in Tree


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All pet owners have experienced the feeling of having their pet go missing at some point or another. Maybe they ran off after another animal, or maybe they are simply venturing out of their normal environment. As a pet owner, myself, I know the feeling of thinking that my dog may have gotten lost, or hit by a car. However, I have never thought to look for my dog 10 feet up in a tree.

As crazy as it sounds, that is exactly where the 7-year-old Border Collie, that had gone missing from his Iowa home a few days earlier, was found. Laddy, the dog, was found two blocks from his home, sitting high in a tree.

Cynthia Weeks was extremely upset when she realized that her beloved pet had gone missing. "I was beside myself," she said. "We went around calling for him, and I drove around. I put it on my Facebook pages, and we put fliers out around the neighborhood."

Thanks to a helpful neighbor, Laddy was able to make his way back to his owners. Ron Stevenson had been working in his yard when he heard a noise that started to annoy him. "I'd been hearing this dog barking, but I didn't want to be a complaining neighbor and, besides, my wife and I are dog lovers," he said. "When I was outside early Sunday, I heard a whining, and I knew something wasn't right. This time, it sounded in distress." After following the dog's whine, he looked up into the tree, and there was Laddy.

Stevenson said he then called 911 and explained the situation to the dispatcher. Although skeptical, police were sent to the scene. "They got here pretty fast, but I was getting impatient," he said. "I didn't know if the dog would bite me, but I just sort of shimmied up the tree. I grabbed him by the collar and sort of pulled him. I said, 'It's time for you to get out of this tree.' I had taken a picture, thank goodness. I showed it to the police when they got there, of course. By then, I'm standing there with a dog I had reported being up a tree."

Luckily, the police officer had seen one of the fliers Weeks had posted. When Laddy was safely returned to his home, his owner asked where they had found him and the officer replied, "You'll never believe this."