Miss Venezuela in Love With Ex at Time of Murder

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Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was reportedly in love with her ex-husband and father of her daughter at the time they were gunned down in Venezuela. Her father fully expected them to return from their holiday in that country saying they were back together again. Spear--also a soap opera star--and Thomas Berry were gunned down on an isolated road between Valencia and Puerto Cabello in Venezuela. Their 5-year-old daughter Maya was shot in the leg but will make a full recovery. Five men have been arrested in the murders. They are believed to be part of a gang called Los Rapiditos.

Monica Spear's father, Rafael Spear, said his daughter and former son-in-law had stayed close since splitting up earlier in 2013. They were both committed to raising their child.

"They truly loved each other, and their daughter only cemented their love," Rafael, who lives in Orlando, but flew to Caracas for his daughter's funeral, said. "We all expected them to return from holiday with the news that they were back together again".

Droves of mourners paid their respects during a wake in Caracas on Friday. As one of the country's icons, she was immensely revered by the people there.

Spear and Berry will be laid to rest on Saturday and will be buried beside each other. Members of her family are caring for her daughter. It is uncertain which of them will raise the child.

The murder of Miss Venezuela and her ex-husband certainly raises questions about the safety of vacation travel in that country. With gang members murdering people on isolated roads, it doesn't seem like a particularly safe country to visit.

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