Miss USA Rescued By Reelz After Being Dropped By Univision And NBC

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Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageant was dropped from Univision and NBC’s channels a week ago -- the pageant is supposed to air on July 12.

This came after Trump’s comment about Mexican immigrants being “rapists” and “drug-dealers” caused an uproar and offended people.

Following the uproar, a number of hosts and judges of the pageant followed suit and also dropped out.

Rapper Flo Rida along with country singer Craig Wayne Boyd and The Voice winner Natalie La Rose, who were invited to perform at the Miss USA pageant have also backed out. No replacements have been announced as of yet.

Trump has accused NBC and Univision of “abandoning” the contestants but the two networks have stayed steadfast in their decision.

When asked about the networks' decision, Paula Shugart, the pageant president said, “We are a little company that happened to have been caught between two behemoths”

Remaining hopeful, the organizers of Miss USA vowed to move forward with the event date on July 12 and went immediately on the hunt for new distributors.

This is where Reelz, an independent family-owned network stepped in. They have “saved the sash” for Trump and the Miss USA pageant.

“This is television; this is entertainment,” Stan Hubbard, Reelz CEO told CNN on Thursday. “The Miss USA pageant is about as non-political as anything could possibly be – it’s an iconic television event.”

“An independent network like Reelz is able to look at this pageant, look at the contestants, look at the community, look at this American tradition… and bring it to television,” Hubbard added.

“I agree with everything that NBC and Univision are saying,” Hubbard said. “I think Trump’s comments are ridiculous”

“The point is that people who were offended want to make sure he's (Trump) not going to profit from our decision and that won't happen,” Hubbard said.

Trump has yet to comment on Reelz’ acquisition of Miss USA.

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