Miss USA Loses A Host For The Fifth Time, Jeannie Mai Doesn't Want The Job Anymore

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The Real co-host Jeannie Mai has declined to host the Miss USA pageant after declaring in an interview in Entertainment Tonight last week that she would proceed with her hosting duties.

In the interview, Mai said that she initially thought of taking the posts which Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts vacated, as she believed in the essence of the prestigious beauty pageant.

With her whole family behind her, Mai declared that nobody should be hindered in standing up for their family and beliefs, so she decided to remain on board.

Moreover, The Real co-emcee originally believed that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would cease to participate in the production of Miss USA.

Upon realizing that Trump would not be stepping away from the beauty pageant, Mai reversed her decision and stepped down from the hosting stint, becoming the fifth person to turn down the job.

In a Facebook post, the TV personality hinted on Trump's tweet against reigning Miss Universe Pauline Vega and realized that the presidential hopeful would likely continue to divert attention from the women participating in the pageant.

The crowned Miss Universe from Colombia spoke out against Trump's racially insensitive comments against Mexicans but declared she would keep the crown.

Trump called her a "hypocrite."

In the meantime, Reelz network has declared that new hosts for the upcoming beauty contest were found. Todd Newton and Alex Wehrley now have the hosting job while Julie Alexandria will cover the show from backstage.

Newton hosted the Family Game Night while Wehrley was a former beauty queen.

The Reelz network has bought the rights to put Miss USA on air, which will take place this Sunday in Baton Rouge, La after NBC refused to televise the said pageant.

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