Miss Universe Winner Says Steve Harvey's Error Was "Human"

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Miss Universe herself, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, is the latest to weigh in on the now-infamous Steve Harvey pageant gaffe.

Of course, Wurtzbach wasn't the one who got jilted that night when Harvey announced runner-up Miss Colombia as the winner.

She didn't have to have the Miss Universe crown taken from her head and given to someone else, but she still felt bad about it.

About Steve Harvey's Miss Universe mix-up, she said, "I was able to talk to him backstage after the pageant. He approached me, he said sorry, I accepted his apology. He didn't have to apologize, but I'm grateful that he did, and I think that speaks very highly of his character."

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She added, "I thought he was such a gentleman to do that. I think it takes a lot for you to admit you made a mistake and correct it right away, especially on live television."

She then said, "And I understand that it's live television – you can make mistakes. It's human, it's okay."

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That's a very Miss Universe-like approach by Wurtzbach.

Of course, the attention to this situation is slowly waning, as it tends to do. And, Steve Harvey being Steve Harvey has made the best of a terribly bad situation.

And he's ready to move on from this Miss Universe situation!

Miss Universe first runner-up Miss Colombia may not be quite over the mistake, but she is ready to have a little bit of a laugh at it.

What do you think? Are you over this whole Miss Universe debacle?

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