Miss Philippines--Now Miss Universe: Did She Date President of Philippines?

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Miss Philippines was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday, following host Steve Harvey's gaffe in first crowning Miss Colombia with the title. After the real pageant winner was announced, rumors began circulating about Pia Wurtzbach, with some saying she dated the president of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino III.

It was this past March that Miss Philippines appeared on a talk show hosted by the president's sister, Kris Aquino. When asked about the president, and a possible romantic link, then-Miss Philippines (now Miss Universe) was coy.

"I know him," she said. "I talk to him, yes. He’s very fun to talk to."

The talk show host isn't just the president's sister. Because he is a bachelor, she is the first lady. She claims she and three of their sisters wanted to match Miss Philippines up with their brother, but she didn't seem interested.

"She could have denied [that they were dating]," Kris Aquino said. "I don’t think she liked Noy--I think she entertained him but the thing is, you can tell from her character [that she’s] single-minded."

That certainly doesn't reflect kindly on Miss Philippines--now the reigning Miss World--does it?

Regardless of the relationship--or non-relationship--between the former Miss Philippines and the president of the Philippines, his office issued a statement when she was crowned Miss Universe on Sunday.

"Today, the whole country unites in celebration over Ms. Pia Wurtzbach’s coronation as Miss Universe in the 2015 pageant in Las Vegas, USA," the statement from the president's spokesperson read. "Throughout her journey, Ms. Wurtzbach showcased to the world the characteristic beauty, intelligence, and elegance for which Filipinas are renowned. In the first few moments of the original announcement, she showed tremendous poise and control, and even more tremendous graciousness when the real verdict was finally announced. We congratulate her for this success as the third Miss Universe of the Philippines, following in the footsteps of Ms. Gloria Diaz and Ms. Margie Moran-Floirendo.”

Will the president congratulate the former Miss Philippines personally when she returns home as Miss Universe? Has he given up on her even though she didn't seem interested in him?

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