Miss America Nina Davuluri Meets The President


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Miss America Nina Davuluri got to meet with President Obama Wednesday when she visited the White House. The beauty queen seemed excited to meet Obama and even tweeted about it.

She talked with the president and took photos in honor of the Children's Miracle Network Hospital Champions. Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American to have won the Miss America beauty pageant.

"I'm so proud to be the first Miss America of Indian descent,”" she said after winning the pageant.

Nina will be returning to her home in Syracuse, New York in November for three days. During this visit she will be signing autographs for fans and attending a gala event. Proceeds from the events will go to the Empire State Educational Scholarship Fund. Tickets will be available to the public for all the events and can be purchased on the Miss New York website.

Nina Davuluri, of Fayetteville, is the second Miss New York in a row to be crowned Miss America. She won the title of Miss New York in July and was crowned Miss America in September. She has faced racial scrutiny on many social networks after winning her title, but has be able to ignore negative comments and focus on the positive.

President Obama used Nina as an example of how far our country has come in terms of racial equality. He told Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last month. "Now Miss America is of Indian-American descent. I think it's a signal of how close our countries are."

Miss American can look forward to a busy schedule ahead of her. After meeting with the president and heading to Syracuse for charity work, she will continue to travel across the country, attending fundraisers and events.

Image from Twitter.