Mischa Barton Cries During Brutal Criticism On "Dancing With The Stars"

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Mischa Barton had a rough first dance on Monday's episode of Dancing with the Stars, leaving fans wondering if she can recover.

Mischa Barton danced a tango with her partner Artem Chigvintsev and she clearly worked hard on it.

However, Mischa Barton's performance wasn't nearly enough to impress judge Len Goodman. And he wan't easy on her.

He said, "It's not my nature to be nasty. That wasn't a dance, that was walking...There wasn't a little bit too much just walking around...and not enough tango, attack, flare, fire -- that was all missing."

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Mischa Barton was visibly moved to tears as she earned a total of 16 points.

Her partner came to her defense after the show, saying, "The thing is, when someone comes into a competition like this, it's quite hard to commit in general, and then to come out for the first time and perform live, doing something you've never done before, I feel like there should be more encouragement."

Perhaps Mischa Barton was suffering some stage fright or dancing jitters.

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In a blog post before the show, Mischa Barton wrote, "I have to admit, I'm a little terrified to step out in front of that live audience for the first time tonight. I've done stage productions before, but this is so much more stressful. There is so little time to rehearse on the actual ballroom floor."

She added, "Artem tells me that he's had partners who are great in rehearsal and then get on stage and have no idea what is going on. Going into tonight, I just have to have faith that we've worked hard enough and hope for the best!"

Well, she didn't get the best, but hopefully Mischa Barton can recover next week.

What did you think about Mischa Barton's performance on Monday?

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