Miranda Lambert's New Man, Anderson East, Had Skiing Accident While The Two Vacationed In Aspen

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Miranda Lambert is no stranger to a little drama.

I mean, look what Miranda Lambert has dealt with since her marriage with Blake Shelton ended over the summer.

Then look at Blake and Gwen Stefani's quickly forming and continual love fest that has erupted all over the place.

So, it was likely no big deal for Miranda Lambert when her new boyfriend, musician Anderson East, suffered a broken collar bone in a skiing accident during their New Year's getaway in Aspen.

A source close to Miranda Lambert said of the accident, “It was a nasty fall but Miranda was there and helped him heal, took him to get treated.”

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The source continued, “So it wasn’t quite the fun holiday trip they wanted, but they were still happy to be together and he’s really happy she was there nursing him by his side and making sure he was OK.”

The source added, “He’s been in a lot of pain but [is] going to rest and heal up now that they’re back home. It was still great to be together, happy and in love over the holidays despite the accident, and they are looking forward to a good new year together.”

A snuggly new year, anyway.

Miranda Lambert posted this pic to Instagram in a blatant confirmation of her relationship with East.

The snuggle is real... @andersoneast :@raytair @ape_lewis

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What an interesting way for Miranda Lambert and Anderson East to begin their great new year together!

What do you think of Miranda Lambert's choice in Anderson East?

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