Miranda Lambert: Why She Ignores Carrie Underwood's Advice on Marriage

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have been married for four years now, but that hasn't stopped fellow country singer Carrie Underwood from proffering words of marital advice to the 'Little Red Wagon' singer.

So what does Miranda Lambert do when Carrie Underwood gives marriage advice?

She rolls her eyes.

Now don't get Miranda wrong. She loves Carrie Underwood. In fact, she strongly admires her. The two recorded their number one hit 'Somethin' Bad' together. But she also recognizes that their home situations aren't even remotely the same.

“She's been telling Miranda that she should put her own career on pause to keep the home fires burning,” a source says. “[Miranda] just rolls her eyes and smiles politely.”

“Miranda knows Carrie’s advice comes from a good place, but her life and marriage aren’t remotely similar to Carrie’s,” the source adds.

Miranda Lambert has said numerous times what a great influence hubby Blake Shelton is on her.

“I'm not sunshine and roses. Blake's the happiest person on the planet,” she said. “He pulls me out of my darkness…Literally, everything is the best about being married."

Blake, who also stars as a coach on The Voice in addition to making records and performing, is open about his penchant for alcohol, and rumors have run rampant on more than one occasion about him cheating on Miranda Lambert. It seems they're just that, however--rumors--because Miranda is head over heels in love with the man she married on a Texas ranch after dating for five years.

Miranda Lambert insists that she and Blake Shelton are like most other couples. They have their arguments. She strongly believes in admitting she's wrong when she realizes she made a mistake.

"Both my mum and my grandma were really big influences on me not only by being strong and teaching me to be strong but also owning their salt as well. My mum was never afraid to say, 'I'm sorry. I screwed up.' I feel like that's an important lesson," she explains.

"We try to hold ourselves to such high--sometimes impossible--expectations. I think it's OK to make mistakes and learn from them and be who you are."

It seems like the only real similarities Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert have are their talents. Miranda is a party girl and Carrie is more of a conservative Christian mom and wife.

Will Miranda eventually sacrifice her home life with Blake Shelton if she doesn't heed Carrie's advice and keep those 'home fires burning?'

Who knows?

She and Blake seem happy.

And no one else knows what goes on behind their closed doors.

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