Miranda Lambert: Tweet Liked By Gwen Stefani, Although Gwen Still Doesn't Follow Her

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Miranda Lambert gained a "like" from Gwen Stefani for posts on Twitter and Instagram that she made on the day after Christmas.

The world took notice of the glaring "like", since news broke earlier that Miranda Lambert had followed Gwen on Twitter, but Gwen didn't follow her back.

So, we know that Miranda Lambert gets a front row seat to the love fest that is Gwen and Lambert's ex, Blake Shelton.

Good times.

Perhaps the "like" from Gwen is a bit of a reaching out to Miranda Lambert, or a way of saying, "We're cool. No bad blood."

However, not everyone liked Miranda Lambert's tweet, as it was centered around two heirloom fur coats that she received from her grandmother for Christmas.

Miranda Lambert followed that post with one showing her in one of the floor-length coats.

Followers were none too kind to Miranda Lambert, blasting her with comments like, "Shameful. Its 2016 people, start learning FUR is unethical, cruel and ARCHAIC! What could there possibly be to 'love' about fur? Torture? Cruelty? Suffering? Pain?"

Another commented, "Really???! You call yourself an animal lover?! Highly disgusted and disappointed. No longer a fan. Deleting all music and burn all your Co's, which Btw cost me a fortune. Living in south africa [sic] I had to import them. But for the animals that suffered so horrific for that coat you're wearing."

At least there seems to be no love lost (and possibly a friendship blooming?) between Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani.

What do you think? Could Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani be friends one day?

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