Miranda Lambert Takes on Tabloids in Song from New Album 'Platinum'

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Miranda Lambert knows full well the cruelty the tabloids can inflict. She and husband Blake Shelton have been the subject of several tabloid rumors--most of them saying their marriage is over or that The Voice coach is cheating on his young wife. Lambert is striking back in a sense on her new album Platinum. Her song 'Priscilla' takes in account how Priscilla Presley once experienced the same kind of tabloid cruelty that she and Blake have endured.

"People are very, very mean," she says. "There are people who literally, their only job is to make other people miserable, and that's a terrible way to live your life."

In 'Priscilla' Miranda takes on the tabloids in a very straightforward way. She identifies with the wife of Elvis Presley, imagining how difficult the tabloids likely made their lives, too.

Songwriter Natalie Hemby worked with Miranda Lambert as she gathered material for Platinum.

"When I get to write with her I think she just lets her hair down," Hemby said. "She doesn't have to be Miranda. I've known her before she was big and famous ... and I asked how she was doing. She said, 'According to the press I'm pregnant or I'm fat or I'm getting divorced.' It just went on and on and I just kind of laughed and said, 'Well, then you must be really successful.'"

Miranda Lambert is learning to ignore what the tabloids say and to live her life in the spotlight more comfortably and confidently. She says her recent significant weight loss is a result of learning to control her emotions. The 30-year-old looks fabulous, but then again most people thought she did before she lost the weight--except maybe those tabloid reporters.

Rest assured that Platinum isn't all about the tabloids. It also features songs about dumping a boyfriend, her love of flea markets, and how she dislikes getting older--all typical fodder for country music songs. It even features a duet with country superstar Carrie Underwood for whom Lambert bought a motorcycle following their recording session.

Miranda is making the rounds doing TV shows this week to promote her new album. On Tuesday she'll sing in Times Square as she visits Good Morning America.

Monday night she'll visit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

"Loretta Lynn said you've got to live a life in order to sing about it," Miranda Lambert said. "That's what I'm doing. The good, the bad and the ugly is on this record. It's who I am."

Fans love who Miranda Lambert is. She needs to look to them for validation rather than to the tabloids, whose main purpose is to tell lies and cause trouble.

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