Miranda Lambert Reveals Release Date Of New Album, Displays Cover


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Miranda Lambert went on Good Morning America this morning and shared some important details regarding her latest album, which will be released later this year. The much-anticipated album will be her fifth release.

The country singer is one of the most popular females of her genre in the modern era, and released her first album in 2005. She released her subsequent second, third, and fourth albums every two years until the conveniently titled "Four The Record" in 2011.

It has now been three years since that album, making the new release a bit overdue. The new album is set to be released on June 3rd, and it's titled "Platinum." She has already released one track from the album, a single titled "Automatic."

The 30-year-old Grammy-winning singer also collaborates with Carrie Underwood on the new album, on a song called "Something Bad." Carrie Underwood recently had some things to say regarding women in the genre of country music, and should be thrilled that Lambert finally has a new album coming out.

However, she has not been slacking off in the time between albums, and aside from doing everything to make her next album perfect, she was also working on the second album with the Pistol Annies, "Annie Up." Her new group released their first album in 2011–a trio that consists of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley.

She also explained the reason for the delay in a recent interview, saying, "To me it's all about timing and making sure that you can feel like you can finally sit there and go, OK, the album's done, and never have a moment where you go, I wish we could change that or I wish we had a different song."

In addition to revealing the release date of the album this morning, she also showed everyone what the cover will look like. It features a platinum background and a shot of Lambert walking out of her platinum Airstream.

The female singer-songwriter also explained the reasoning behind the name of her upcoming album. saying "Platinum is my hair color, and my wedding ring, and the color of my Airstream and the name of one of my favorite beer. It's about a lifestyle," she said.

The new "Platinum" album will contain 16 songs, half of which Miranda Lambert wrote. She describes the songs as containing elements of humor, nostalgia, and says that they are also feminine.

In order to promote the new album, Miranda Lambert is scheduled to make a return to Good Morning America on June 3rd for a live performance, where she'll perform her hit single "Automatic."

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