Miranda Lambert: 'Platinum' Debuts at Number One, Blake Shelton Plans Break

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Miranda Lambert's new album 'Platinum' debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, beating out both Frozen and 50 Cent's new album. This is Lambert's fifth album, and it sold 180,000 copies in its first week. One of the album's tracks, called 'Priscilla,' is about Priscilla Presley and what Lambert imagines life must have been like for her enduring the wrath of the paparazzi while married to Elvis. She was shocked to received a message from Presley herself about the song.

Priscilla Presley included an Instagram photo of herself and her daughter listening to Lambert's song.

Miranda was humbled by the recognition and quick with her reply.

It was during this incredibly crazy and exciting week for Miranda Lambert that she experienced a pretty scary ordeal as well. The private jet that she and her team were traveling on had to make an emergency landing after losing pressure. After the plane landed safely Miranda shared a photo of herself and her friends captioned, "Our plane had an emergency landing in Clarksburg WV. But don't worry, we found platinum fire suits. Yes! #platinum"

In light of the excitement and the frightening aspect of Miranda's crazy week, hubby Blake Shelton decided she needed a break, so he has made the appropriate preparations. So did The Voice coach arrange to send Miranda to a spa or is he taking her to an exciting city where they'll stay in a 4-star hotel and check out the sights? No. Instead he fixed up their boat. The two own a boat that's moored at Lake Texoma.

"I'm not a mechanic, but I managed to get this thing running because I know when she gets back she's going to want to do something like that," Blake Shelton said. "She's going to want to just go float around and drink or be pulled on a tube, something like that. So I figured I'd get me some points here and get the boat running. I'm actually proud of myself."

Sounds like Blake knows exactly what Miranda needs. And it sounds like the perfect way to cap off the hectic promotion of 'Platinum' and the scare in the air that Miranda Lambert and her crew experienced.

The thrill of having a number one album has to mean a great deal to Miranda and Blake Shelton is no doubt incredibly proud of his wife. However at the end of the day both Blake and Miranda are country folks, and nothing takes the place of a quiet, relaxing day like the one they'll enjoy when she gets back home.

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