Miranda Lambert Going 'Platinum' in June

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Miranda Lambert has completed her new album, Platinum, the highly anticipated follow-up to her smash album Four The Record, which will be released June 3.

This is the first solo album in more than two years for the CMA-award-winning country singer. She released an album with her Pistol Annies trio in 2013, but this is her first solo album in several years.

The 30-year-old Lambert says this latest endeavor, her fourth album, took a little longer to complete than anticipated.

"From the day you kinda go I need to start looking for songs and writing songs, it feels like no matter how much time you have, you're rushed," Lambert said. "And so I didn't want to rush it at all. To me it's all about timing and making sure that you can feel like you can finally sit there and go, OK, the album's done, and never have a moment where you go, I wish we could change that or I wish we had a different song."

She has released her first single from the album, Automatic, and collaborated with Carrie Underwood on the song, Something Bad, bringing two of the most popular country singers together for the first time.

In a recent Good Morning America interview, Lambert commented on just how good her life is these days and how settled she's become.

“There’s humor on this album, and nostalgia, and it’s feminine. There’s girl power, not in the ‘I’m gonna burn your house down and kill you, but more where I am as a 30-year-old woman and wife. I’m more settled in life, embracing the good and the bad, and that’s all reflected on Platinum.”

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