Miranda Kerr: Did Orlando's Partying Do In Marriage?

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Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have both been rumored to have moved on from their marriage that ended in October of last year.

Obviously, Miranda Kerr reportedly had a rumored fling with Justin Beiber (of all people).

That little fling led to Beiber being almost decked and dropped by Orlando last week, which led to the world giving Bloom a collective high-five.

The pair seemed very happy up until their split was announced. In fact, friends of Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom said they didn't even know they were having issues.

So, what went wrong between Miranda Kerr and Bloom?

One source said that Orlando Bloom was the problem.

“Orlando’s very frustrated right now about his career and his private life. He maintains the split with Miranda was completely amicable — many of us had no idea they were about to separate,” said a friend. “He won’t hear a word against Miranda [Kerr].”

This same source said that Miranda Kerr's ex is tired of Pirates of the Carribean and sick of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Even though both of those movies made Orlando Bloom his fortune, he wanted to do something different and meaningful.

“He really wants edgy indie roles, but there haven’t been too many of them, and the small films he has landed have not taken off.” his pal said. “This time two years ago he went to South Africa to film Zulu with Forest Whitaker, but it can’t get a release in the US.” the friend said of Miranda Kerr's then-husband.

He continued, “And he still bitterly regrets listening to his agent who advised him to pull out of the Nick Hornby film An Education that went on to be a stellar success with Dominic Cooper in the role.”

These career frustrations reportedly led to serious drinking and partying, which led to trouble in his marriage to Miranda Kerr. The couple have a three-year-old son, Flynn, who they have to care for, after all.

Other sources say that Miranda Kerr's ex, Orlando Bloom, has trouble saying no when his friends want to go out at night. He has really had his friends worried about his life spinning out of control.

Hopefully, Bloom can get it together and salvage his relationship with Miranda Kerr, even if it's just to be a stable co-parent to their son.

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