#Mintthecoin Campaign Proposes Trillion Dollar Coin As A Solution To The Debt Ceiling

#Mintthecoin is a simple Twitter hashtag campaign – it’s asking the government to mint a platinum coin worth $1 trillion. This coin would then be deposited at the Federal Reserve to avert the debt ceiling that now looms on the horizon. Would it work? It’s hard to say, but plenty of people think it will.

For starters, there’s already one of those useless petitions on the White House’s We The People Web site asking for the government to create the coin. The petition has already attained 22,678 signatures, and only a little over 2,000 more to warrant an official response from the government as per the site’s rules.

The far more interesting petition, however, is happening over on Twitter with the #minthecoin campaign. It seems like everybody on Twitter has an opinion on the matter, and they’re letting their voice be heard.

It’s unlikely that the U.S. government would mint a $1 trillion coin, but the mere thought of it is fascinating nonetheless. The folks on Twitter seem to agree even if most of the Tweets thus far are in jest.

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