Minimalist Movie Posters Make You Think About Life


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Sometimes things in life like movies really have the possibility to make you think about things in a new light. Saving Private Ryan did that for me, even though I was in the Air Force, it made me realize the reality of fighting a war against an experienced army. The minimalist approach has the ability to make even the smallest things that you may have not noticed the first time seem like the most important things in the movie.

Daniel Keane over at has created a ton of cool posters making movies into minimalist pieces. The goal as far as I can tell is to get as much emotion out of as little as possible. Everything you see here is available to purchase and there are also a lot more including Seven posters and Shining posters.


The battle of Thermopylae is one of the turning points in the history of the western world. 300 Spartains led an army of 7,000 men to defend a small pass from an invading Persian army that consisted of anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 soldiers. The Greeks held them off for 7 days before falling.


Ace Ventura

Alllllrighty then! isn't that what you think of when you see that hair?


Jurassic Park

To think that life itself can be carried around in something as small as a canister of shaving cream makes one think about how delicate we really are.


Minority Report

The thought that the police in the future can convict you on what you might do is not so absurd as it once was.


Saving Private Ryan

The invasion of Europe started on the beaches of Normandy. The allied farces had to cross a beach littered with Belgian gates. These small pieces of steel meant to stop armor from coming ashore actually helped the allies advance and saved some lives.


Star Trek

The reboot featured the entire planet of Vulcan being eliminated by the help of this energy drill. To think that 6 billion lives ended from something that is supposed to make a being's life easier and less dangerous.


Top Gun

Launching yourself off a platform sitting on thousands of pounds of jet fuel can be a sobering experience and the thrill it produces creates adventure junkies.


The Walking Dead

The lasting image of Hershel's farm burning to the ground is indeed a lasting image.