Mini-Pig On Stairs: Hamlet Goes Viral

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Mini-pigs are adorable, no matter what they're doing. But when they're navigating carpeted stairs towards a big bowl of oatmeal and oinking the entire time, it's pretty much cuteness overload.

That's what YouTube viewers are finding out after a video of Hamlet the pig went viral and brought the mischievous little guy into hearts and homes everywhere; Hamlet's owners uploaded another video of him demanding a bottle earlier this year and it, too, gained massive internet popularity.

Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals, meaning they make great pets...if you have the room, time, and love to give to them. Even mini-pigs can outgrow their expected size, and they are often abandoned at shelters and overcrowded animal sanctuaries when their owners start to consider them a burden.

They have a superior sense of smell, as you can see in the video below; Hamlet's nose won't let him give up on the prize.

Hamlet has single-handedly (hoofedly?) started an obsession with mini-pigs, as evidenced by this selection of tweets. Just be forewarned; you will never be able to eat bacon without feeling guilty again.

oh my ghod Hamlet the mini pig is scared of the stairs! And then dénouement
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The very last part of the video is best. Hamlet The Mini Pig Goes Down The Stairs To Eat Oatmeal (VIDEO)
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A diversion to anyone queasy from Magnotta: Hamlet the mini-pig overcomes fear of stairs, snorts way to food nirvana
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Most adorable thing I've seen today. Thanks @emmalineau for the mini-pig goodness.
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OH MY GOD, my obsession with mini pigs is BACK ON. Hamlet the Mini Pig is THE BEST.
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