Minecraft Pocket Edition Has Not Been Forgotten

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With the success of Minecraft on consoles and PCs, it's hard to remember that the game remains insanely popular on mobile devices as well. In fact, it's sold more than 10 million copies across both iOS and Android. Despite all this, some may start to feel that the mobile version is taking a backseat to the console and PC version. Those fans will be happy to hear that's not the case.

Mojang updated its official blog today to let Minecraft Pocket Edition fans know that development is still going strong on their favorite mobile title. While no reason is given for the lack of large updates, Mojang says that it's "restructuring a lot of code." Why?

We’re working on restructuring a lot of code to allow significantly bigger worlds in future updates. We’re also updating the AI, inventory, and a bunch of other things.

It certainly sounds like the team at Mojang has a big update on its hands and it won't be ready for a while. That could certainly explain why Minecraft Pocket Edition has been lagging in updates. One would assume it will all be worth it though once it launches at some point in the future.

In other news, Mojang will be "pausing access" to Pocket Realms on March 1. From that time until it's restored, players won't be able to play Minecraft Pocket Edition online. Mojang says the "pause" is due to the team putting the finishing touches on the PC version of Realms, and will return to Pocket Realms once the PC version is done. Oh, and don't worry, all your saved progress in Pocket Realms will still be there once it comes back online.

Image via Mojang

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