Minecraft Now At 20 Million Sales Total, 9 Million Came From PC

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Minecraft is the money machine that just won't stop. Late last year, all three versions of the game hit some pretty big sales milestones. It hasn't slowed down since with the PC version of the hit indie title reaching another massive sales milestone.

Earlier this morning, Mojang's Jeb posted on Twitter that the PC version of Minecraft has now hit 9 million copies sold. He said that this brings the total across all platforms up to 20 million.

That's impressive, but Minecraft Pocket Edition is really starting to pick up steam. The mobile title was sitting at a fairly impressive 5 million copies sold in November of last year, but it's now already at 7.3 million copies sold. It will probably break 8 million by the end of the month.

Minecraft wouldn't be enjoying half of its success if it wasn't for the tireless teams at Mojang and 4J Studios who bring constant updates to the various versions of the game. It seems like more and more people are buying Minecraft as new features are announced.

Speaking of new features, Minecraft: Pocket Edition should be getting some new features soon via a version update to 0.5.1. The update will include oft-requested features like gravity, clouds and maybe some Redstone related updates.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions of the title are continually receiving updates as well. 4J Studios is still hard at work and taking suggestions from the community on Twitter as to what should be added next. It's this kind of community interaction and transparency that will push Minecraft in all its versions to at least 30 million sales.

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