Minecraft Developer Doubles its Yearly Profits


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The popularity of Minecraft simply doesn't seem to be waning. In first 15 months since Minecraft launched, the Swedish developer behind the game, Mojang, has taken in revenue exceeding $80 million. That's a profit of around $13 million, incredible for an indie developer with only one full title under its belt.

Today Mojang CEO Carl Manneh gave an interview (in Swedish) to Swedish publication it24 and stated that his company is on its way to doubling its profits in its second year of business. Manneh stated that last year's profits of 60 million SEK (about $8.9 million) will be more than doubled this year.

According to it24, Part of the reason for this massive increase in profit is that Mojang is now taking in the majority of revenue from sales of Minecraft. Previously, Mojang co-founder Markus "Notch" Persson's own company, Notch Development, was bringing in that cash. Now that Persson has handed down the development of Minecraft to Mojang, that company will be receiving those proceeds.

Manneh also stated in the interview that Minecraft is selling just as well as when it was released. The version of Minecraft created for the Xbox 360 saw the game break records. On its release day, it sold more downloads in 24 hours than any other title in the history of the Xbox Live Arcade.

Currently, Mojang is working on an animated collectible card game called Scrolls. Also, the company will be hosting its second Minecon game convention at Disneyland Paris in November.