Mindy Mann: Who is Nanny With Whom Gavin Rossdale Cheated on Gwen Stefani?

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Mindy Mann is the nanny Gavin Rossdale cheated on Gwen Stefani with--the one who ultimately sealed the fate of their marriage.

So what does anyone know about Australian nanny Mindy Mann?

The Gold Post Bulletin shares a few details of her past with their readers.

A former neighbor shared with the publication that Mann's family had a penchant for parties.

“The family would always have big parties. The next morning they would pour bottles into the recycling bin. It sounded like a bar cleaning up after a big night,” the neighbor said.

That same neighbor said she often questioned Mindy Mann's sexuality.

“I always thought she was a lesbian the way she walked around the street with her shaved head and her girlfriends. She was always a wild child," she shared.

Mindy Mann's father, Phil, said he couldn't speak for his daughter, but he did warn the men renovating his home that they better “get back to work before I tell the reporter you’re Mindy’s boyfriend.”

“I don’t know what you think you’re going to get out of us,” he told the reporter for the Gold Coast Bulletin. “Go to America and talk to Mindy. If you don’t leave straight away I’ll call the cops.”

Mindy Mann reportedly returns home to spend Christmas in Australia each year with her family. She has a younger sister named Nikki, and aside from the partying, the family seems quite ordinary.

Life as Mindy Mann knew it is now over, however. Not only is she out of a job, but reporters are no doubt hounding her wherever she goes.

Do you suppose Gavin Rossdale and Mindy Mann are in touch--or maybe even back together again--now that Gavin and Gwen Stefani are divorced.

Gwen Stefani has happily moved on with fellow Voice coach Blake Shelton.

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