Mindy Kaling's TV Show Gets Canceled By Fox But Hulu Might Pick It Up

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After months of speculation, Fox finally cancels the The Mindy Project.

Reports say that Mindy Kaling’s comedy series won’t be picked up for a fourth season at Fox.

The series, about a successful doctor who dreams of getting her personal and romantic life on track, was already facing an uncertain future.

The network considers the show’s ratings not up to broadcast standards, despite a cult following and strong online viewing and social media presence.

However, there’s still hope for loyal viewers who are dying to know what will happen next to the show’s protagonist and its cliffhanger ending.

Sources report that Universal Television is currently in talks with Hulu, which is said to be keen on taking on the Mindy Project for “multiple additional seasons.”

For a lot of people who believe the show might be better served if it’s in a digital platform, Hulu is the perfect choice for a new home.

The online streaming service already carries past seasons of the Mindy Project and is also dead set on expanding its original lineup with series like J.J Abrams’ 11/22/63 and Jason Reitman’s Casual.

However, Hulu and Fox have remained tight-lipped about the news, neither confirming any cancellations or renewals.

But the Internet is not taking the news of the cancellation lightly.

Eonline.com has asked fans to help save the Mindy Project with an article listing 11 reasons why another network (like Hulu) should save the show.

The website also wrote:

"Dear Fellow Fans: Let's Tweet and Facebook and Snapchat and carrier pigeon this story to everyone you know, asking them to share it with the hashtag #HuluSaveMindy. Let's get it trending so Hulu hears us loud and clear!"

But even before this call to action appeared, fans have already started to vent their anger at Fox on Twitter, while imploring Hulu to pick up their favorite show.

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