Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover Is Raising Some Eyebrows

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Mindy Kaling has risen to the top of the funny-lady ranks after her time on "The Office" and her own show on FOX; however, just because she's on the cover of Elle this month (it hits the stands on the 14th) doesn't mean she gets treated like the other women she calls peers.

The magazine chose four up-and-coming ladies to grace four different covers: Amy Poehler, Allison Williams, Zooey Deschanel, and Kaling. Yet Kaling is the only one whose cover is in black and white, and her photo is dramatically cropped as a close-up while the others show off the high-fashion and decolletage modeled by Poehler, Williams, and Deschanel. Some think it's an effort to hide Kaling's size 8-curves, something the magazine has been accused of before (with Melissa McCarthy).

"Mindy's photo is truly stunning, but it's lackluster compared to the other women's covers," plus-size fashion stylist Stefany Allen said. "Curvier women are definitely having their moment, and this could have been an opportunity to show how sexy diverse bodies are. If ELLE won't take a chance on a woman without model proportions, who will? The photo is also in black-and-white, which neutralizes Mindy's skin tone and it's difficult to know what color her jacket is."

So far Elle has not commented on the cover, and Kaling hasn't said anything about it either. However, Twitter is buzzing about it.

Image via Elle

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