Mindy Kaling Goes Blonde, Inspired By Rihanna

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Mindy Kaling stunned her fans and everyone in attendance with her brand new hair color when she strutted down the red carpet during last Saturday’s TCA All-Star Party thrown by the good guys at FOX Network. The funny girl of The Mindy Project got a honey blonde ombre coloring job that made heads turn during the event.

The 35-year-old actress was wearing her “Vegas Showgirl-Showrunner” look during the event, donning a shiny gold blazer that highlighted her new hairdo. “I sort of felt like blond hair should just not be for Caucasian women," Mindy Kaling explained during her interview with E! News.

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"It's just something I've wanted to do the past couple of months," the actress said. “I was like, why not?”

Who inspired Mindy Kaling to go forth with this fashion forward look? It was none other than Rihanna, who has been shifting freely from blonde to brunette like it’s nobody’s business. Kaling admired how the blonde look suited nicely to the Barbados-native R&B superstar.

Fans of the comedian hailed Mindy Kaling’s new look after she posted it on Instagram. “I’m blonde now guys, deal with it,” she captioned her stunning snap before she hit the red carpet. It remains unknown whether her new look will make it to her hilarious hit show. "I think she will," she said. "At least I didn't run it by anybody, I hope that's OK!"

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Will her new look inspire a long list of suitors just like her character on The Mindy Project? Kaling admitted that she’s not rushing romance just yet. In this month’s issue of Good Housekeeping, the comedian spoke about waiting for the right time: "I don't need marriage. I don't need anyone to take care of all my needs and desires. I can take care of them myself now." Sorry, boys. Looks like this star doesn’t care much for romance just yet.

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