Millionaire Matchmaker: A Same-Sex Episode


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If there is one thing about America and our preferred variety of entertainment, it's this: We believe that no person, regardless of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or genetic information should be exempt from letting the millions of us meddle in your personal life. You are getting paid for it after all, so hush up and entertain us.

In agreement with this decree, the latest episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker featured same-sex matches of both sexes in two segments entitled "The Late Bloomer" and "The Gay Hugh Hefner"

"The Late Bloomer" involved a 46-year-old lesbian named Rosie Pierri. Rosie gets the name "The Late Bloomer" because she very recently came out of the closet, so she feels a bit behind in the scene. This hindrance is giving her some difficulty in finding a mate, and it was Patti's intention to change this. A fact of variable interest: Rosie Pierri is the sister of a cast member of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" show.

In "The Gay Hugh Hefner," Andrew Christian is a designer surrounded by male underwear models, but desires a model with a great head on his shoulders, or maybe a hairy, unfit slob-- because what he sees every day at work and play is not enough.

Although there was some of the usual uproar about the show featuring same-sex relationships, the show has done it before-- usually in the first episode of the season (possibly to ensure a great start in ratings?).

Who saw the show last night? Did it entertain you? And what do you think about equal-opportunity oversharingrelationship reality shows?