Millionaire Matchmaker Contestant Adam Winters Accused of Extortion


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It's looking more and more like former Millionaire Matchmaker guest Adam Winters wasn't actually a millionaire after all. In fact, he may be a criminal.

A few weeks ago the Associated Press reported that an affidavit has been filed in federal court that says Tennessean Adam Winters attempted to extort nearly 2.5 million dollars from a nuclear power plant.

How did he do it? By e-mail of all places. He claimed to have "evidence from testing the bombs, to documentation on how much radiation was used on animals and contamination of the plants," and sent it to Babcock and Wilcox, contractors of the power plan. The message was clear: pay up or Winters would go public.

The Smoking Gun thought this was too juicy a story to let go. According to them, Winters is no millionaire, since he can't even afford to hire his own lawyer. They did manage to contact Winters who quickly said “I have no idea,” as his only comment, then promptly hung up the phone.

It appears the trial is in the process of wrapping up. The Knoxville News Sentinel reported that Winters signed a plea agreement Monday. He will confess to a single charge of extortion. When he faces sentencing the Assistant U.S. Attorney Brooklyn Sawyers will seek a sentience of no more than six months.

So much for the fresh faced young man who appeared on the Millionaire Matchmaker show. Looks like he met his match when Federal agents arrested him for the crime he stands accused of. For those of you who prefer to remember the Adam Winters who appeared on television, free from the faults we now know he has, I refer you to his submission video:

Image via Bravo.