Millionaire Arsonist Found Guilty, Drops Dead in Courtroom

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Michael Marin was found guilty of arson in an Arizona courtroom yesterday, then fell to the floor in convulsions before dying. Prosecutors at the trial claimed that in 2009 the man set his multi-million dollar mansion on fire before making a "daring escape" from the property while wearing scuba gear. It was claimed that Marin committed arson because he couldn't afford his mortgage payments and couldn't find any buyers for the house. Chalk up another victim of the great recession.

But there is yet another twist to this story, because Marin did not simply have a heart attack from the shock of becoming a felon, or the prospect of spending years in jail. Speculation is flying that Marin, in fact, committed suicide while in the courtroom. A local television station has footage from the courtroom that appears to show the arsonist swallowing something that was held in his closed fist moments after the verdict is read. Minutes later, he collapsed in the courtroom, and later died at a hospital. Watch below as Marin slips his hand over his mouth and appears to swallow:

Though no one will know the truth until toxicology reports on his body are completed, it seems clear that Marin took his own life with the help of poison or drugs. If that is the case, there will most likely be investigations into how he was able to obtain the substance and smuggle it into the courtroom.

(via First Coast News)

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