‘Milk Man’ Cop Protecting Cocaine Smugglers Released On Bail

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In his 22 years working for the Miami-Dade Police Department, Lt. Ralph Mata was responsible for supervising the airport canine unit, breaking up gangs, and investigating crime within the police department. He, however, is also now known as “Milk Man,” who helped cocaine dealers from New Jersey transport hundreds of thousands of dollars in different locations.

According to the FBI, Mata helped and escorted drug traffickers carry cash in order to avoid Miami and New York airport security. He is also said to have helped in organizing a murder plot to acquire guns. The Milk Man did all these things in exchange for luxury items, such as a Rolex watch, and cash.

The court documents that were released did not state the name of the drug trafficking organization Mata is affiliated with. However, they know that the organization has been in the business of importing illegal drugs to places, such as Dominican Republic and Ecuador. They managed to transport the narcotics by concealing them inside containers with “pallets of produce, including bananas.”

The FBI first noticed Mata two years ago, when they were investigating a drug gang from New Jersey, wherein they were able to seize about 350 pounds of cocaine.

The authorities arrested the Milk Man in Florida on Tuesday.

Even with his charges, Mata will be released on bail amounting to $500,000 even before his trial starts. According to his attorney, Bruce Fleisher, an agreement with the prosecutors was made. Fleisher also said that they considered the family of the accused, as well as the commendations given to him in his 22 years of service.

Fleisher also said that he will do his best to defend Mata, who is facing a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, and a maximum of life imprisonment on each of the two drug charges against him.

Mata is slated to appear in federal court on Wednesday.

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