Military Strike Syria: Britain Says No


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Since the last WebProNews update on the crisis in Syria, there has been a lot of breaking news.

The British parliament voted "no" on the decision to use military force against Syria. The British government had gathered intelligence and published a landmark assessment to provide evidence that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on its people, thus killing hundreds of Syrian civilians.

However, this assessment was not enough to sway British parliament in the favor of British Prime Minister Cameron.

" is clear to me that the British parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action - I get that and the government will act accordingly."  ~ British Prime Minister David Cameron

If the U.S. does decide to take military action against Syria, it may now be unilateral:

With strong resistance to military action and the latest news that Britain would not be joining the U.S. in the strikes, the U.S. government is scrambling to make a strong case for military force:


Since breaking news regarding possible military strikes on Syria are coming out by the minute, Mashable just released an outstanding interactive map to make sense of it all:

[British Prime Minister Cameron, Main Image and Video Source: BBC and YouHotNews]