Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" Video Parody

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Miley Cyrus Appeared on SNL this weekend making fun of others and of course, herself. (I mean what trip to SNL would be complete without poking fun at ones self?)

And speaking of poking fun, there's a YouTube group, Barely Political that's making fun of everyone from Miss Cyrus to country sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

Before you watch the goofy video poking fun at Cyrus, check out the original video.

Now, take a look at what parody duo, "Key of Awesome" did with Cyrus', "We Can't Stop."

The YouTube comics also poke fun at reality television shows like, "The Voice" as well as creating a different ending to the very popular series that recently concluded, "Breaking Bad."

Who do you think they should parody next?

Photo Credit: YouTube

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