Miley Cyrus: Two Charged in Recent Thefts

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Miley Cyrus was a theft victim a few weeks ago and now two people are charged with stealing items from her home including jewelry, purses, and clothing. In addition the pair stole the Wrecking Ball singer's Maserati. 19-year-old Tylor Scott and 21-year-old Naomi Charles were arraigned last Monday on several charges including first-degree residential burglary, grand theft of personal property, grand theft auto and unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle.

Bail was set for Scott at $15,000 and for Charles at $100,000. Tylor Scott was also charged with one count each of first-degree residential burglary and grand theft firearm for an unrelated incident that took place two weeks prior to the theft at Miley Cyrus's home.

It's got to be a daunting feeling being a superstar and knowing that people could be plotting to enter your home at any given time. It truly makes one wonder if the fame and fortune is worth the insecurity and lack of personal freedom.

Dolly Parton, who is Miley Cyrus's godmother, recently weighed in with her thoughts about the provocative singing sensation during an interview with The Telegraph. She even compared the young woman who has made 'twerking' a household name with a Hollywood legend.

“She had to make her statement because people wouldn’t let her grow up. Just like people wouldn’t let Shirley Temple grow up. But I promise you that she’ll surprise the world with her talent through the years," Parton said.

She also talked about country music and how its old and powerful roots aren't always there in some of today's seemingly 'unauthentic' singers like Miley Cyrus. Parton believes Miley has those roots, however.

“Well, Miley does have that ’ole time feeling from her daddy [Billy Ray] and the way he grew up. Through her grandparents in Kentucky she is connected to that earthy feeling and attitude,” she said.

Miley recently shared some of her love of growing up country in a selfie shot with little sister Noah. It appears as though--despite her rough veneer--she really does treasure her family time.

It really does seem as though Miley Cyrus has what it takes to continue her huge stage presence including her sold-out concerts and album sales soaring to the top of the charts. She's akin to a female Justin Bieber right now--wrapped up in her power and fame without much--if any--self control. In country terms she probably just has to 'sow her wild oats.' In the meantime she'd better invest in a more advanced security system to protect not only herself but the material treasures she's amassed since leaving Hannah Montana in the dust and creating this whole new bad-girl sexy persona.

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