Miley Cyrus Supports 'Free the Nipple'

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Miley Cyrus is hot on the campaign trail for an indie film called Free the Nipple, and as part of her campaigning efforts, she has freed her own. The Wrecking Ball singer was spotted on Twitter, exposing her breasts in support of the film.

Free the Nipple is an attempt by the film's producers to promote gender equality and make toplessness legal for both genders everywhere in the U.S. That isn't the film's only mission, however. It also promotes awareness of the violence that has permeated every facet of the media, and is accepted as the norm in most households.

Some people feel Miley Cyrus is promoting this film because it's just another opportunity for her to appear sans some of her clothing. And while it's an interesting combination of things this indie film promotes, it does seem like the former Hannah Montana star is serious about the cause--at least the bare-chested part. That's certainly not to say Miley isn't drawn to the indie film because of the controversy it (and her bare breasts) will cause. She is, as everyone knows, a magnet for controversial behavior.

Hopefully Miley's nipples were covered when she made an attempt--in vain, however--to get from New York to Boston Saturday--for her Jingle Ball performance there.

Alas, she didn't make it to Boston, but promised her New England fans she'd be back in April.

Do you suppose she'll have her upper half covered when she returns? It's still quite chilly in Massachusetts in early April.

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