Miley Cyrus Sends Billy Ray A Threatening Tweet

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Miley Cyrus, much like fellow child actress Amanda Bynes, can't seem to keep her personal life off of Twitter.

Cyrus, whose on-again off-again relationship with Liam Hemsworth has been closely followed by her fans via social media, appears to have called out her dad on something, and many believe she's accusing him of cheating on her mom Tish.

The young actress/singer recently posted a message aimed at her dad, actor and country singer Billy Ray, that sounded pretty ominous and was accompanied by a photo of herself and Dylis Croman, who worked in a stage production of Chicago with Billy Ray.


The tweet comes just a couple of weeks after Billy Ray and Tish announced that they would be separating, although the couple has had troubles before when Miley's career took off and managed to stay together. Miley reached out to her dad via Twitter then, too, although he hasn't replied on the site.

Interestingly, Cyrus tweeted this right after she deleted the first one:

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