Miley Cyrus On "Men": Commands Audience, Shows Skin

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Miley Cyrus is garnering good reviews for her brief stint on "Two And A Half Men", both from the show's audience and from her co-stars, who say she commanded her scenes.

In what was the star's first television performance since she ended ties with "Hannah Montana" four years ago, Cyrus "brought it" according to Jon Cryer, who was at first concerned she wouldn't get her scenes down before the show filmed. Apparently, the actress used her script all the way through dress rehearsal.

"Then, we did it in front of the audience, Miley brought it," Cryer said. "Miley was just on fire, did fantastic. Then, I remembered, ‘Oh, yes, she was actually hatched in the Disney labs in Burbank and grown for just this sitcom situation.’"

It probably didn't hurt Cyrus that her character was written as both funny and sexy, throwing out one-liners like "Do you mind if I take the girls out? Get some color on Kim and Khloe?" while sunbathing and flouncing around the set in tube tops and bikinis. After being a Disney girl for years, she's definitely ready to shed that good-girl image she was saddled with in favor of a new, more mature one.

Cyrus is scheduled to appear in at least one more episode of the show, although each of her co-stars say they'd love to have her back.

Amanda Crum
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