Miley Cyrus Heats Things Up On Tour And Twitter


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Miley Cyrus started her Bangerz tour off with some craziness, as expected. The tour began in Vancouver on Friday, February 14. Miley wore a flashy red, stoned, two-piece outfit, red and white boa and white Chanel purse. She came out on the stage through the mouth of a giant photo of herself. To complete the craziness, she slid to the stage on a giant tongue.

As always, Miley turned up the raunchiness and put on an entertaining but strange show. She changed costumes several times and her props were as unusual as everything else about her.

At one point during the show she mounted a giant hotdog in a skimpy romper and fuzzy yellow robe and proceeded to ride it like a horse. Later in the evening, she changed into a multicolored sparkling, thong bodysuit covered in jewels and marijuana leaves and rolled around on the floor in a pile of fake money.

It seems as if Miley has combined all of the things she has been best known for over the last few months into one action packed performance for her tour. While Miley fans went wild for her antics, Miley admitted to some preshow jitters on twitter, before the performance began.

Nerves weren't the only thing Miley was tweeting about last week. She also took some time to tweet one her of fans who was at the Olympics. American skier Gus Kenworthy had just won his silver medal when he decided to ask Miley to be his Valentine via Twitter. It took a few hours, but Miley eventually decided to follow Kenworthy on Twitter and then tweeted him.

What do you think of Miley's first Bangerz tour performance and her Twitter flirting?

Image via YouTube.