Miley Cyrus Home Descended Upon By L.A. Police

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Miley Cyrus hasn't really left the headlines in the past year or two; between her many tattoos, her love life (engaged to "Hunger Games" star Liam Hemsworth), and her racy red-carpet outfits, the media can't get enough of her. And it would seem that someone wants to keep it that way.

Cyrus was recently the victim of a "swatting", which is police-speak for a prank call which sends cops swarming into someone's house on suspicion of a kidnapping, murder, or other heinous crime. This particular call claimed someone at Cyrus' address had been shot and kidnapped, and police descended on her L.A. home in droves, including some in helicopters. As it turns out, no one was even home.

"We responded to a call of a kidnapping in progress, one person shot, at an address on Amanda Drive," a Hollywood Police Department rep said. "It's not just bad, it is a crime. And if we find out who it is, we will arrest them and prosecute them."

So far, Cyrus hasn't commented on the incident, but has tweeted some random stuff about making beats and not sleeping. Seems like she's not too concerned about her prank caller, but the L.A. Police Department is. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact them.

Amanda Crum
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