Miley Cyrus' Hair Gets Platinum, Spiky Cut

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Miley Cyrus has been trying out some new things with her hair lately; last week she debuted a cute new look after getting her locks lightened and cut to frame her face. Now, she's gone a step further and chopped it off in a spiky cut with shaved sides, and she tweeted the entire thing with the help of her stylist.

Of course, posting such a big change on a public forum doesn't always garner happy thoughts, and more than a few people tweeted their dismay at her decision to go short. One Twitter user even said she looked like a member of One Direction. But Cyrus didn't let the naysayers sway her, opting instead to go with her gut.


She took time out to address those snarky comments:

And then she tweeted this photo:


Take that, haters.

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